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The Jessie/James Jig
A Guiness-Inspired Limerick for Will's Grandparents' 60th Anniversary
by the Roaming Rousmanieres

(Best read with a Guinness-breathed Irish brogue)

There once was a young lad named James
Who was a big hit with the dames
When he walked in the room
The ladies would swoon
And his blue eyes would make them all faint

But James didn't fall for their games
His big heart could only be tamed
By a sweet little lassie—
The General's Jessie—
Reknowned for her beauty and brains!

One day James said, "My Dearest,
My heart has been Pierce-d
I fear that without ye I'm cursed!" ("keer-est")
And so, they were wed
Had seven boys named: John-Jimmy-Peter-David-Joe-Arthur and Ned
And then - not a moment too late
Came a wee little lassie named Kate
To make the whole family compleate

(Guiness glass raised)
After 60 years of wedded bliss
Their grandkids are giving a kiss
To the Irish stone Blarney
For Jessie and Charlie
Sixty more years is our wish!

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